About Us

Rob Ocean is a clothing brand with the sole mission to inspire, encourage and to educate the world about littering and micro plastics pollution. Toxins and debris are literally Robbing the Ocean of nutrients also causing more and more marine animals to become extinct. Here on earth about 26 Billion people depend on the ocean for their primary source of protein. That is a problem that needs to end and it starts with us. We want to push the narrative that if we work together we can have a safe and cleaner planet. RO was founded in 2021 by Charles J. Maxwell, who saw a need to spread awareness about this global issue. One of our main goals is to create conversations about the nationwide litter problem and the devastation of micro plastic growth all over the world. Micro plastics are fragments of any type of plastic less than 5 mm (0.20 in) in length. They are broken down over time due to sunlight, wind and water. Its a major issue because fish, sea turtles as well as other species assume its food. They end up digesting the plastic and it eventually causes their demise. There is a major pollution crisis from untold tons of plastic, to carbon emissions and household chemicals getting into our waterways. These tiny fragments of plastic enter our food supply through seafood and sea salt; also other things we use and eat on a daily basis. Micro plastics also cause another form of pollution by entering our natural ecosystems from a variety of sources, including cosmetics and industrial processes. This topic needs to be brought up in our daily conversations because it affects each and everyone of us. Did you know that plastic doesn't decompose and it could last up to 500 years or more in one form or another? This crisis started with us and it can end with us. The Rob Ocean team wanted to create something physical that's innovative as well as making a bold statement about this issue. We are going to make a difference and our vision is to make RO a source for information through fashion and expression. We also want to pin point what can we do and what can we change together. The world is facing serious issues today in real time and we must stand together for humanities future.