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I have always been a creative person since a child and I have always wanted to create my own clothing line. But year after year and idea after idea nothing would stick that I was satisfied with or passionate about. My creativity wouldn’t let me give up and I wanted to create something outside of the box. It was the summer of 2021 here in the beautiful city of Memphis, TN after I put my kids to bed, my wife and I always have conversations about business, strategies and how we can move forward in life. This night was a little different for the both of us because we talked about how can we do more to help people. Little did we know where this conversation would lead us. But, Rob Ocean came to me in my dreams and I know in my soul God blessed me with this vision. The idea woke me up with urgency and I jumped out of bed and started writing out different ideas. I startled my wife and she was confused wondering what was going on. The funny thing is that I started to tell her my vision and she was like wow. My wife is a realist and she will tell you if something works or not. I waited to tell her more after a couple of days until I came up with the correct concept because I valued her opinion. I became a health conscious nerd by doing all kinds of research and putting together different ideas and strategies to build onto my vision. But, it was a Saturday morning when I started to tell her about what Rob Ocean meant. “We as the human race are Robbing our Ocean of nutrients as well as health and development of marine life”. I started to educate her on pollution and micro plastics and all other things she had no clue about. After we laughed and talked more about the concept, she looked at me and said babe your amazing. That’s when I knew I had something that could change the world. It wasn’t because I amazed her but because for the first time in my mind, I felt purpose and meaning in this thing we call life. Rob Ocean is more than a brand, it’s a movement with a purpose.